Monday, February 20, 2012

It is Time

Time to make a decision.
Time to make up my freakin mind and get this over with.
Time to move on to bigger and better things.
If you know what I mean.
By this time tomorrow, it will be all over, this Quest for You Know What(YKW).
Actually it will be over tonight, by midnight, or there abouts.
I got the braze on adapter on order.
Also the Deda Fang chain catcher and a new saddle.
There's some other stuff I need, but I must wait for said YKW to actually arrive before making those choices.
Now, I just have to decide on the color.
There are only two choices, but it might as well be a million of them.
I just cannot make up my mind!
This looks good, no that looks good, but that looks better, no that looks better.
On and on it goes like some psychotic cycle of madness that I'm slowly drowning in.
Someone please throw me a life preserver!
Of a life saver!
Wild Cherry flavor please.
Cause that's the bestest flavor:

Two Freakin Colors(TFC)!
Okay, the white with the nastly black looks cool, but it's black and white.
The red also looks good, except it sort of reminds me of kamaboko:

Kamaboko is Japanese for fishcake.
Sort of like ground up fish parts that are made into a paste then cooked.
There a lots of varieties of kamaboko, but that red and white frame reminds of the type cooked on a wooden board.
Not all of them are on boards, some just look like round bars:

Some even look like Hello Kitty:

I don't know if I could ride around on a kamaboko colored bicycle.
On the other hand, red does give me more accessorizing options down the road.
I mean man cannot live on celeste alone.
Well okay, one can but it's still nice to have some variety.
Don't you know.
So anyways, I'm gonna torture myself for another oh, eight or so hours, take a deep breath and hit that Checkout button.
Now this doesn't mean I'll be getting my YKW, it'll just mean I got it on order.
When I'm getting it is anybody's guess.
Let's just say, I ain't holding my breath.
This better be worth it.
Yes, Quest for YKW fans, it will soon all be over.
You can proudly say you lived through it.
I'll have the commemorative shirts on sale soon.


Steve A said...

Do they eat sushi in Italy?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Do they eat spaghetti in Japan?

limom said...

Steve A, isn't it called carpaccio?

JRA, it's called ramen.
Sort of a soupy pasta.