Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Stuff

Oh I was so happy!
Now I'm so sad.
Then I was happy again!
Now I'm bad to sad.
I swear, I'm gonna start charging folks for coming along for the ride.
Seeing as how I live such a roller coaster life.
Thrills a minute I say.
So over at school, the morning show went on hiatus.
Seems the kids have been slacking and there's like this big film festival coming up and nobody's done any work so the instructor said that's enough of this and the film festival is more important so the morning live show is over.
For now.
I think we start back up when the film festival is over in couple of months.
So sad.
Then I got a new assignment at work.
So happy!
Then the person who took over my job called in sick for like a week and I had to go back to what I doing.
So sad.
Then this week I'm back to doing my new job, working with a whole new bunch of kids.
So happy!
Well this is where it gets funky cause I was happy again.
For at last! I finally decided on a you know what!
After adding up and listing the pros and cons, the math finally worked out and I was all ready to-
Then I found something else.
Except it's not in stock.
Okay, now here's the sad part.
Now I'm sad.
So should I wait until this thing is back on the shelf or should I just go with that other thing?
I'm still crunching the numbers.
Gotta get department approval and all that.
You wanna know what it is?
Here's a little hint:

I gotta tell you, I'm not likin them ISPs at all.
No, not internet service providers, I'm talking integrated seat posts.
I swear I'd rather cut my hair than cut one to size.
I mean it goes against all logic!
Cutting up a perfectly good frame!
Okay, I lied.
That's not the frame I'm thinking of, but it's a close relative.
Actually when you think about it, all carbon frames are close relatives.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, I'm happy that I didn't go with that Bianchi I saw on the eVilness. I mean I despite what I wrote I kept on a looking and a figuring and a looking and postulating and a looking, well you get the picture.
In the end though it ended up being another steel frame and I just want something different.
Oh and this new thing is different allright.
So different it will blow your, the reader's, socks off and melt your mind!
So different you jaw will drop and drool will drip all over your chin!
So different that, well you get the picture.
On the other hand, I may just go back and order what I was going to order.
Seeing as how I'm so sad.
Or was I happy?
Well, I was either one or the other.
I just can't remember which.

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