Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Final

So sleepy.
I seem to remember I was watching something on tv, some kind of sporting event.
Maybe it will come to me later.
Anyways, I had great ride today!
My legs it seems have been found!
Or maybe they were never lost.
Just sort of in hiding.
I mean today I was blazing along at Super Sonic speeds!
Unfortunately, my Prevaricating Garmin died like one mile out, so you'll just have to take my word for it:

Boy, I was really moving!
I figure that I must have gone like 147.43 miles at an average speed of oh, around 31.58 mph!
What a day!
I might gotten a higher average speed if I hadn't slowed down to pass these folks:

You can see them waving, warning the others than I'm a coming!
I would show what they looked like after I passed, but I went by so fast I blew all their clothes off.
They had to continue their journey nekkid.
I hope no one got a sunburn.
It was a nice sunny day, so sunny that folks were trying out a new type of activity:

I think it's called land kayaking.
Instead of kayaking on the water where you can get all wet, they kayak on the bicycle path through the park.
Looks strenuous.
Probably burns some calories though.
Burning calories is something I don't have to worry about cause I was like setting the pavement on fire!
I swear I was leaving buring drops of chain lube on the ground behind me!
Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture because of all the smoke.
Boy, what a day to lose all my ride data.
I swear, I must have gone like 258.42 miles at an average speed of 43.39 mph!
Oh yeah baby.
I found my legs.
Women and small children got nothing on me now.
Oh yeah, I think the Giants won.
Something or other.


John Romeo Alpha said...

You went so far so fast you crushed the soul of your Garmin.

Trevor said...

I bet that you would have averaged 50mph+ if you had been riding carbon....!


limom said...

JRA, I like that one!
I don't know what caused the battery to dump.
I will have to investigate.

Trevor, Oh yeah baby!
Wait, I may have to get some ceramic tiles to protect the outer layer of carbon.
You know, from all that friction.