Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Ready

Oh yeah baby.
I'm getting ready.
Getting ready so that when You Know Whet gets here, I'll be all set to hit the road all guns a blazing!
Oh I've been rubbing my greedy little hands together, scouring the eVilness et al. making sure I got everything, I mean everything! I need to get going.
Thankfully, I got the stuff I took off my other bicycle, so there's not too many things I actually need.
Or is there?
I mean this is a completely different bicycle!
All them old parts are like well, old parts!
New frame, new parts.
Lemme see.
Frame, check!
Group, check!
Wheels, check!
Braze on adapter thingy, check!
Seat, check!
Pedals, check!
All that I need is already right here in front of me.
Sort of.
Okay, to install the cranks, I need me some BSA cups, the ones I got are Italian threaded.
No problem!
I got me a spare set of English cups.
Somewhere around here.
I think.
Well, new bearings means new cups so I'll just get me some.
I mean I don't want the tremendous amount of power I create burning out no old cups.
I got the stem and handle bars too, but now there's the matching part to think about.
Black stem and white bars or white stem and black bars?
I need to think on that one.
I also need a new chain catcher, maybe.
You know, one that matches the new paint job.
More searching the eVilness!
Then there's the new cables.
Oh My Goodness there's like three colors!
Three freaking colors!
How can I possibly make up my mind?
I mean it took me three months to decide on this freakin frame, it may take me three months to decide what freakin color cables to install!
I need a consultation.
The Holy Oracle of the Carbon Goodness.
Or something.
I should flip a coin, but wait!
There's like THREE colors!
I may not survive this.
There's more.
Bar tape!
GAGILLIONs of hues of bar tape!
Okay, a GAGILLION minus the splash tape cause I ain't going there.
If you know what I mean.
Boy, this is harder than I thought.
I mean just when you think you got everything, there's always something else.
Like the valve stem caps!
I am lost.
Lost in an endless sea of infinite color combinations the likes of which I shall never be able to decide.
Impossible is this task I have ahead of me.
Still, I shall persevere.
I will drop it in the small ring and grind it out.
You'll see.
I'll make it to the top.
Get over the hump.
Make it through the week.
Color coordinated I shall be!
If it's the last thing I do.


Steve A said...

A nation awaits...

Trevor said...

Nation's' await...!!

limom said...

The tension builds!

Tup said...

I need a new jersey!

Scott said...

Just think how much easier it would have been to choose colors if you'd chosen a Celeste frame....

limom said...

I thought about it, but celeste looks better on steel.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Is it a fast color? Where does it rank on the chromodynamic velocity scale?

limom said...

Very slow.
With a little bit o'nasty.