Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Final

I'm happy!
I'm also sad.
I don't know if my fragile soul can take the ups and downs.
Up and down, up and down.
Sort of like a Ferris wheel, except I'm not moving around in circles.
The happy part is that I had a great ride!
Sort of.
I mean I'm still a wussy, but only by a couple of tenths of a mile per hour.
Not very far off my usual average, so I don't feel so bad. Just need a few weeks to get back to full speed, then it's like watch out!
I stopped off at the bank machine first for I wanted to eat a burrito after my ride.
Well I didn't get to eat my burrito, but at the bank machine I saw this:

Someone had picked some flowers, red hibiscus to be exact, and had left them on the rubbish receptacle.
I thought that was pretty cool, I mean talk about contrast!

I was looking at them flowers, waiting for some lady to finish using the machine, when I thought about taking one of them flowers and sticking it in my helmet.
Then I thought that wouldn't do as it would probably burn up since I'm Super Sonic.
Don't you know.
So anyways, my ride went pretty well, considering I'm all out of shape, I just need to work on some endurance.
I tell you, I gotta stop taking off so much fluid when I go on the dialysis machine. I notice that the days after, the days I have to ride, I really feel fatigued and my heart rate is like all goofy. My legs get fatigued quickly, and it's like a bad burn, an exploding leg kinda burn, not the good burn.
The kind of happy burn where you know it's good for you.
Which is what I had today.
So I came home and had some stuff to do which was a good thing for I was following this auction on the eVilness.
I kept myself busy cause I didn't want to be checking it like every two minutes.
Which I tend to do.
Well, I ironed my clothes and settled down to see if my carbon dreams would come true:

I had emailed the seller to check on the shipping charges for we all know, shipping costs to Flat Tireland are like stratospheric. The bad thing is that he never got back to me, so I was sort of bidding blind since I had no idea what the shipping was going add up to.
I had a budget that I just wouldn't go over.
Especially since I had no idea what the total would be.
So I watched and waited:

I actually had a bid amount entered, ready to jump in at the last second.
Too bad it was lower than that.
It was over before it was over.
I sort of expected this, as I was watching a similar item last week and it sold for more than that.
Final winning bid:

I'm sort of bummed cause I probably would have stepped up to the plate here, but not knowing the shipping really killed me.
Quest for Frame goes on.
That was the sad part.
On the other hand, I only saved myself about a hunski compared to ordering from a real brick and mortar shop.
Which I just might do.
The End did not come today, for that I'm sad.
It's coming soon, so for that I'm happy.
Sort of.


Scott said...

No hints at all?? Man....

BTW, nice touch with the celeste donut on the brake cable.

Trevor said...

You are not giving anything away are you..??
As Scott said 'No hints at all'
I am sat on the edge of my seat here and the tension is killing me....
My brain is doing overtime on speculation!


limom said...

Scott, you don't even want to know how much them donuts cost me per.
I'm too embarrassed to say.

Trevor, come now, you're not the type to skip to the last chapter of a mystery novel are you?