Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

So much to talk about!
I don't quite know where to start!
Okay, not really.
I don't have anything to talk about.
Well okay, I do, but you, the reader, don't want to hear it.
You do?
Okay then!
The other day, I got to follow a bunch of students around as they visited the local community college.
I gotta say, it was pretty awesome and I think all kids need to have that experience.
It can be pretty intimidating to have to register and sign up for classes by yourself, especially if it's your first time.
The students were led through the registration process and were taken to visit some counselors. They were also given a short tour of campus where all the important places were pointed out.
There at Honolulu Community College, they actually have a section of the Berlin Wall on display someplace, but we didn't get close to it so sorry, no pics.
I did get this:

This bronze sculpture created a bit of controversy a few years back.
The school wanted to mount it outside, but folks decided it too near a neighboring elementary school so it was put in storage.
The piece is about non violence, so other folks wanted it displayed:

Well the debate went on for a bit and seeing as how this is a college campus, they decided to put in up in the cafeteria, where it now resides.
I mean I think the message is pretty clear and I don't think kids would interpret it wrong, but hey! what do I know.
In other news, I am preparing for the day we've all been waiting for though I have no idea when that day will come.
I switched out the wheels from the Celeste Devil back to the original wheels and have put my Unobtainable Lightness of Roundness on the side.
You know, for the You Know What(YKW).
Well the YKW is presently on sale for 20% off but it's still not in stock so I just may purchase something that's not really there.
I'm buying nothing, but it may be something, just not today.
Seeing as how there's a President's Day sale going on and it ends on Tuesday I gotta make up my flaky mind before then.
Hopefully a long ride will help me make my decision.
That and a report on the stand over height of the YKW.
There's also the color.
So shall it be white with nasty black accents or red and white?
Right now I'm sort of thinking red.
Then again I'll be so freakin fast on this new machine no one will be able to see me anyways.
If you know what I mean.

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