Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Bad Apple

Oh yeah.
One will do it.
One bad cog ruins the whole shebang.
The rest of my free wheel is okay, but that one bad cog, well it just ruins the lot.
The thing about it is, you can't really visually see if it's bad or not.
The cog I mean.
Or maybe I'm just not experienced enough to tell.
All this old fashioned stuff don't you know.
Well you can sort of tell:

I mean if you squint yer eyeballs and all.
It appears that middle cog has some wear on it, something I missed at first inspection.
The chain keeps a hopping and a jumping and it's sort of a cog I'd like to use so today at Kvibe, I went and got me a couple of new to me free wheels.
Which to my untrained eye look okay.
We'll just have to see how it goes.
If the new one doesn't work, I picked up an extra, just in case.

In other news, and speaking of something that you can visually inspect, I took another look at that bearing on my Veloce cranks:

I cleaned it up a bit, but you can still see the reddish areas where the rust got to it.
It turns okay, but not like the other side which is oh so smooooooth.
I may end up using the Veloce group, depending on which You Know What(YKW) I get since the other YKW will push my budget and a new group will be out of the equation.
Another sign the apocalypse was near:

Looks like the bearing was beginning to spin in the outer cup.
Not a good sign, so I'm thinking that one of them cups are shot.
Bearing too for that matter.
Well, I cannot with good conscience sell the cranks like that so the new bearing are on order.
As is the bearing puller/installer thingy.
I guess I need it anyways, if I plan on staying with Campagnolo.
The thing is, you can't just buy one, you gotta buy em in pairs, so you might as well change em both.
One bad apple...


John Romeo Alpha said...

I came up with an invention, the Cog Skipper, that you can add on when this occurs and it causes the chain to just shift over the worn cog to the next one so that you don't even know it's there. Of course, you would know. But not.

limom said...

I tried to ignore it, really I did.
It's just that the worn gear was THE gear.
If you know what I mean.