Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Final

Old habits die hard.
I spent the better part of the day perusing the eVilness and the eVilist looking for something I already have.
Well, you can't really have enough of You Know What.
The good news is that what usually happens didn't happen.
I mean when you wait and wait and buy something and then all of a sudden something better comes along or goes on sale.
I kept expecting some immaculate lugged Bianchi to pop up for sale, but so far it's been just the usual suspects.
If you know what I mean.
Part of the reason I spent time on the ole web was that the weather looked like this all day:

Looked like rain but it didn't rain and it still hasn't rained but I was hesitant to go out anyways.
I did go out eventually, I had a meeting to attend regarding The Something Wonderful(TSW) so I took the Bike With The Funny Name(BWTFN):

More on the TSW later.
So the thing is, I took off the seat from Project Rockhopper and put it on the BWTFN, the old seat was a serious A$$ hatchet.
What did I expect for $15?
Anyways, before I left, I forgot to adjust the seat and as you can see it was tilted a bit downwards.
The seat already has a bit of a rise in back and I like my saddles flat so it was an interesting two miles or so as I tried to keep from falling off and riding the top tubes.
Despite the ramp the saddle is leagues better than the torture device I got off the eVilness:

It looked nice and all and matched the color scheme but sometimes looks don't count.
I swear I would start to go weak with pain a couple of hundred yards from Flat Tire Central!
Sometimes form does not always follow function.
So anyways, after the meeting I headed on over to the food place and picked up a few things:

Since I did such and awesome braze job the other day, I decided to reward myself with a frozen pizza and some chips!
Oh yeah baby!
I'm gonna need to get on the bike this week to neutralize all the junk.
Inspiration comes in mysterious ways.
Don't you know.

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