Saturday, February 25, 2012

You Know What Update(YKWU!)!

I know you, the reader, are just as excited as I am to get the You Know What(YKW) here and on the road, so I've installed a YKWU! on the side bar so you too can track it's progress to Flat Tire Land(FTL).
Presently it resides someplace in New York, probably going through some Customs inspection or something, being poked and prodded and being made to take off it's shoes.
Which brings up Customs fees, something I didn't think about until after I ordered it.
I hope it ain't like an arm and a leg as the Quest for Frame Fund is almost exhausted.
Anyways, today is fix up the other bicycle day as I finally got my new tubes, rim strips and tires for Project Rockhopper(PR):

Hopefully these new tires, Specialized Hemispheres, won't feel like I'm pedaling through peanut butter.
The rim strips are the looping type, meaning you stretch the whole thing over the rim:

I don't like this type as it doesn't sit in rim nicely and you always have to go back and fix it up.
I prefer real tape, but this will do for now as I may or may not change out these wheels later.
I also needed them presta adapters for the rim, but I only had one on hand so I'll have to wait until the LBS opens to finish the tire change up.
Until then, it's off to Kvibe this morning where I'll attempt to braze up a crack in a frame.
Hope I don't blow myself up or put a puka in the tubing!
More on this later.
Parts are beginning to come in for the YKW, I got my new BB cups yesterday.
I expect everything to be here before the carbon goodness arrives.
Some things are not going so smoothly:

As you can see, this item has been stuck in Richmond, CA for ten days.
I have no idea what's going on there, maybe it got run over by a forklift or it dropped off the back of a truck.
Thankfully, it's not something I need!
I'm more curious than anything to see what happens, whether or not USPS notices that they got my front derailleur in limbo and how long it will take them to finally deliver.
I am not holding my breath.
If you know what I mean.


Steve A said...

I sense a "rim strip extravaganza" in the not too distant future...

limom said...

Nah, velox for the win!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Carbon is the new steel. C=Fe, in chemical terms.

Steve A said...

Limom, after Velox strands you a couple of times, repeat that comment. I think I have found better...

limom said...

JRA, I like the OSG Chemistry!

Steve A, do tell...