Monday, February 27, 2012

YKN Update: Impressed by Express!

That's what I'm talking 'bout Willis!
Through the sort facility in Honolulu by Sunday!
The You Know What I mean.
Lemme see, ordered last Monday, Tuesday for them, packed and sent on Thursday, in New York by Saturday, and in Honolulu the next day.
Double even!
The YKW is going to beat some parts I ordered by a day or so and that's via domestic USPS Priority Mail!
Holy Express Mail Batman!
Okay, now what to do?
I gotta sign for this thing so I guess I'm staying home tomorrow, maybe even coming home early from work today.
I'll be using the Secret Flat Tire Package Tracker(SFTPT) from a remote location to see if it touches down in Kailua today, if so I'll be a rushing fool coming home and waiting expectantly by the door.
The SFTPT didn't say whether or not there were any fees to pay, but I guess I should stop by the ole money place and get some funds anyways.
Oh boy!
Something wonderful is going to happen!
Stay tuned.


John Romeo Alpha said...

It is rather amazing what our shipping and logistics system is capable of, in terms of moving things quickly around the world. Oh the tales that YKW could tell, if only it had a time lapse camera attached.

limom said...

You mean it's amazing what they can do when they try.
That derailleur is still stuck in Richmond CA.
Thirteen days later.