Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Underwater Goodness! (UG!)

Oh yeah baby!
Yet another camera!
I just can't stop and I don't care!
I've recognized that I have a problem and I'm working on it.
Okay, not really.
About the working on it part:

Nikon Action Touch supposed to be good to nine feet or so.
I wouldn't try to push these old cameras without changing the seals and stuff  but I'm only going to use them in rain.
Except it's not raining.
It will though, soon.
According to the weather folks.
Anyways I got this because it's got a faster lens than the Canon WP-1 and well, faster is better.
I'm supersonic don't you know.
Okay, I haven't ridden my bicycle hard in a while so maybe I'm subsonic.
Or less.
So I was using this camera in Waikiki a couple of nights ago but I was using slow film and I haven't developed it yet.
I was supposed to but my laziness drills took precedence.

Also known as ABCland.
It must have the highest density of retail space in the known world.
One giant mall.
With sand and an ocean.
I wonder what Duke would have thought:

Duke Kahanamoku was the father of modern surfing who also worked the beach as a well, beach boy and went to the Olympics and won some gold medals and stuff.
His Waikiki is not the Waikiki we have today:

I mean it was still a tourist jungle back then, in another life I mean, but nothing like it is now.

It's gone mostly upscale with designer boutiques lining the streets.
I mean I wouldn't shop there, well not unless they got an upscale camera shop.
It's also gone downscale, showing the worst part of society what with homeless folks lining the sidewalks.
I'm thinking that maybe them homeless people maybe the perfect residents for what has become a land of excess.
Contrast is what I'm thinking.
I gotta say though, it's a bit different during the day.
I think.
More on this later.
Oh and the above water underwater camera pics.
If I ever get to the developing place.

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Steve A said...

They had a segment on Duke Kahanamoku on The Travel Channel on "Monumental Mysteries." Quite inspiring!