Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Final

Well it rained.
Not exactly the kind of rain I was hoping for.
It was a kind of lazy rain.
I mean the kind of rain that makes me lazy.
Which is a good thing since Sunday is laziness drills day.
So I mostly stayed in and messed with this:

Yet another camera!
I've been wanting a smallish rangefinder and got this for five bucks last week.
Yesterday I changed the foam and today I managed to run some film through it:

This is a nice camera with a nice lens.
The glass is fairly fast at f2.8 but still not quite enough for indoor shots as the shutter only goes down to 1/60.
It's full auto so no user adjustments but that lens sort of makes up for it.
It also makes a goofy rewind and shutter sound, so goofy that I had to get me another one.
Camera that is.
I also managed to develop two rolls of film and in the afternoon I went in to work to scan some of it:

This is that Ektachrome slide film I had cross processed meaning it was developed like normal color film.
Not as much color change as I expected, but I didn't get to shoot a full range of colors.
It does look sort of cool though, even more vintage than that red scale stuff I used before.
By cool I mean cool and cool as in the colors have shifted more towards the cooler blue green than the hotter reds and yellows.
I need to experiment with this again.
I also got some of my chinatown pics scanned:

I shot those with that point and shoot Nikon I just got and I'm kinda impressed with the lens on that camera too.
I'm still organizing those shots so I'll post them up later.
I've come to realize that I sort of created a problem what with all the different types of cameras and formats I shoot.
I mean I got digital and film which includes color and black and white and for the most part I shoot all of them all the time.
What happens is my pictures from one shoot end up all over the place as they get processed at different times and my file system is based on when they get loaded up on the computer.
I need to figure out a new system, maybe tossing everything in one file based upon the day I went out might end up easier.
Or I can just concentrate on the digital files since I have negatives of all the film.
Or something.
I just feel like I'm on the verge losing some images for lack of a good system.
Anyways, I got to go look at the new scans and maybe figure something out.


Steve A said...

Was the rain enough to test the waterproof camera?

John Romeo Alpha said...

It looks like an old postcard! Which makes me wonder what it would look like if you took pictures of old postcards.

limom said...

Steve A, no.
Shower test soon.

Older postcards?