Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Streets of Waikiki (TSOW)

Actually only one street.
For now anyways.
I mean I only walked the main drag, but there are still the side and back streets to explore.
Another night.
Last night was just the main attractions:

Ah, Waikiki beach!
I walked up and down Kalakaua Avenue taking both digital and film cameras with me.
I also used noir et blanc and color film!
Did I mention I got a new camera?
More on that later.
Well there's a lot of pictures to take down in ole Waikiki.
So much going on!
Like ABC stores:

Starbucks stole their business model.
I mean you can walk out of one ABC store and see the other one down the street.
They do that so that just in case you forgot to buy something, you don't have to go back into the one you just came out of, you just keep on walking and go into the next one.
I also saw some street vendor folks:

Golden Pirate dude was shy, unless you put money in can then you could take as many pictures as you wanted.
They aren't supposed to solicit money.
As I found out from this folk:

Apparently the cops sweep the area every so often arresting the street vendors that solicit and accept money.
Of course I had look through his scope and I gave him a buck.
Vendors aren't the only ones on the sidewalk:

Sadly there are homeless folks all over the place.
Sadly I see so many of them I've sort of become immune to the sight of people sleeping on the sidewalk.
Maybe that's the problem.
Folks getting used to it.
Anyways, I got more but for now I leave you with:

The Stealth ABC store!
Doesn't look like an ABC store but it is!
Maybe they should let some of them homeless folks hang out in all them ABC stores.
Anyways, I gotta develop then scan my other pics.
More on The Streets of Waikiki (TSOW) later.

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