Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

I almost forgot today was Sunday!
I'm on vacation don't you know.
Anyways, yesterday I went off on a little trip that ended up being a longer little trip to pick up some film from the film place.
I also did some Christmas shopping hence the side tracking and I also managed to make it down to the beach place:

Some kind of weird shadow in the sky during sunset.
I wasn't supposed to be there during sunset but I got side tracked again taking pictures down by the boat place.
I'm sitting at work scanning the negatives now so more on that later.
I also scanned the shots I took with that camera I so awesomely fixed:

Just some shots I took at school while I picked up that other camera I got to fix up.
So far so good considering I took those pictures without a meter and used that old "sunny 16" rule even though it was overcast.
Not as sharp as I thought but I was just walking around and shooting away.
I haven't had time to really scrutinize the images cause I'm on my way off to do more bamboo related stuff over at the bamboo place.
I also had another look at the meter on the Konica but couldn't see anything wrong so I guess it's stuck on manual.
Shooting without a meter is sort of tricky and I suppose the more you shoot the more you get a feel for what kind of shutter and f/stop to use.
I usually don't touch my film stuff in post so based upon the images above I guess I did okay.
Not quite awesome though you know I'm working on it.
The awesome part I mean.
Okay, the bamboo is waiting and I'm almost done with the scans.
So off I go!

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