Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Rumor Mill

After meeting a few times and not really getting anything done, the bicycle club has taken a step in the right direction.
I've spent the last few weeks trying to find us a place to meet, someplace that's not on the second floor like my classroom and I had something lined up only to have the folk on Mr. Olympus turn me down.
Yes, the folk because only one person has the last say and the other folk was okay with it.
Anyways, the kids are still lugging their bicycles up the stairs and we're still in my room:

I was surprised to see a mountain bike appear as the group was one hundred percent fixed gear.
Then again it was a double boing and I wondered where exactly he was riding it as it was equipped with street tires.
Yes, image is everything but I'm afraid it's come around to haunt me as most of the kids have taken it to heart.
Or more.
Pursuit frames I hear are now the rage.
Oh boy.
I can see it now.
Down sloping top tubes with full carbon disc wheels front and back.
Maybe I can get them to wear skin suits!
Start a new fad.
I have to give them credit though, last meeting we did some actual bicycle repair.
Going back to finding a meeting place, I talked with our head o'maintanance person and she was willing to find us a place if we took a look at her bicycles which apparently have been inop for some time.
Sure! I said.
Gotta teach the kids how to grease the wheels.
In more ways than one.

So that's how it works? said the kids.
That's how it works, I said.
About the greasing the wheels part.
Hopefully she can find us a nice meeting spot.
As long as we didn't destroy her bicycles along the way.
I mean they were more than willing to tackle the repair/tune up but enthusiasm does not make up for actual skilz.
If you know what I mean.
One kid was holding my bottom bracket tool trying to figure out what it was for.
Mister, you got a spoke tool?
You sure you know what you're doing?
Of course!
Of course they argued about which way to turn the nipple.
Uh, Mister can you come over here and take a look at this?
Mister by the way, is the name of all male adults on campus.
Apparently we are of a generic sort.
Anyways I instructed all of them to go over to the Park Tools website and watch the videos.
Cause instruct is what I do.
Sort of.
The kids ended up tuning some derailleurs and fixing some flats and adjusting some brakes and they did a pretty good job.
Finally, my Diabolical Plan (DP) has taken effect!
A couple of nights ago some basketball players were walking home through school and the subject of the building E ghost came up.
Now all I need is some partner in crime so I can take some double exposures of some apparition like folks wandering around campus and I'll have the whole school a buzzing!
They're so gullible.
Okay, I never said that and you didn't read it here.
On the other hand, there's a lesson there somewhere.
I think.

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