Monday, December 30, 2013


A new era!
Or an old era!
Or something!
Today as usual, my weekly delivery came in:

That's right folding thingy fans!
Another camera!

How awesome is that?
So excited I was!
I rushed over to the camera place and got me some film and then went over to the beach to test it out:

After my failure with that plastic Lomo camera I was intent on seeing what this oldfangled medium format was all about.
So I ordered me this Zeiss Ikon Nettar II 517/16 120 film folding camera circa 1949.
Gee, this thing is older than even me!
The 16 in the 517/16 means that camera shoots in 6x6 or square format; the other models shoot 6x4.5 and 6x9.
More on this later.
Shooting a camera in full manual mode without a meter is a bit tricky.
There's a thing called Sunny 16 that is used as a starting point for the shutter and aperture settings.
Lot o'thinking going on here.
Let's see how I did:

That's about how my range of exposures went, varying from under, which I was trying for, to slightly over exposed.
I got his oldfangled light meter coming in so that may help me out some.
Again the format is 6x6 and I don't quite know how I like this square look.
Sort of difficult to compose as I'm used to the Golden Rectangle.
I'll probably get me another camera in 6x9.
Now from digital I went to film using SLR cameras and I liked the manual focus and aperture setting.
This is another step backwards and it's even more retro considering there's no meter in the camera.
It really slows you down and makes you consider the composition.
There's also the romance of the golden age of photography so to speak and imagining you are taking pictures in another time and era.
How far retro I'm going I have no idea but let's just say the journey back in time isn't over.
Next I'm going to try some night shooting.
Stay tuned.

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