Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Final

Oh November showers!
Feed all the flowers!
Oh wait.
It's December all ready.
Still, some showers:

It's raining!
Inside and outside!
I can't escape!
Thankfully my camera is waterproof!

Not a very good picture.
Next time I'll use the flash.
Which I never use.
The flash I mean.
So anyways, the other night I went up the hill to get some pics:

All those people down there.
All the people up here too.
Buses were a coming and going at this famous look out spot even though it was near ten o'clock!
Not like the old days:

That's what it used to look like circa 1978 or so.
I tried to get the same shot to compare:

The view is a bit different from back in another life, but it still seems like yesterday.
Difficult to believe thirty five years have come and gone.
Mackey Feary is no longer with us, but he is still with me.
Anyways, I finished up the roll of film I took up there too but I won't have the scans until tomorrow.
I did develop a roll I shot at basketball yesterday that I pushed two stops.
Basically you set the film to shoot faster so you can use a higher shutter speed and then you develop it longer to match the exposure:

I did have to doctor those pics in post, bringing up the exposure about a full stop.
Normally I don't touch the film scans, but they were kinda on the dark side.
I could have given up a stop in speed which I'll do next time and they should have come out okay.
I think.
Now that I know pushing the film looks okay, I'll use it more often like when I go out on the streets at night.
Don't you know.
I spent the rest of the day taking some pictures in the rain and getting all wet.
Most of them are okay, but again I won't have the scans until I get back to work.
I suppose with this storm it's officially winter here.
Soon the snow will start to fall and it will get really cold.
Not to worry though since my camera is also snow proof.
I think.


GreenBici said...

Musta been one big hill, ya?
Nice night photos!
Paz :)

limom said...

Actually most of the things here that pass as mountains are only a couple thousand feet.
The tallest peak on O'ahu is like 4,000ft.
Of course the Big Island has Mauna Kea which is like 13,000 feet and change.