Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Street stalking in daylight.
Oh yeah.
I wanted to get into the downtown area yesterday but instead I ended up in Chinatown.
Which is like the same place, sort of.
First I had to stop off at school:

Now I need a new pump, one for school and one for home cause I'm getting tired of going over there just to pump up my tires.
I also needed to grab some film, but I forgot.
Walking up and down the stairs distracted me.
Made me hungry too:

Royal Kitchen is one of those out of the way places that is always packed except this was after noon on a Saturday.
Famous for their variety of manapua:

That's dim sum to you other folks.
Anyways here I was, deep in Chinatown.
I took mostly film pictures so I'll have to scan them later today.
After I go back.
To Chinatown I mean.
There was lots of interesting stuff there like this:

Tourist folks taking wedding pictures outside the Hawaii Theatre.
Which I also got some nice film pics of.
Which I promptly destroyed because I forgot to wind back the film before opening the camera back.
Banana Head (BH).
So hopefully that couple is still standing there when I return this morning.
Anyways I sort of had yesterday all planned out but when I returned I discovered that the basketball game I had wanted to attend was already underway:

Instead of starting at five, they started at one so I basically missed  the whole thing.
Which was okay because it gave me time to do my laundry and work on the laziness drills.
Which I did.
Okay, I gotta go pack up the camera uh, stuff and decide which method of transportation I'm gonna take.
I'm out of toilet paper and the store is on the way and I don't think I can fit one of them jumbo packs of TP on the ole Flat Tire Earth Vehicle.
I'm also out of jello.
Can't go without jello.
Don't you know.

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