Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Good, the Bad, the Yellow

Hope you had a nice Christmas!
Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?
I got a nice present.
Sort of.
More on that later.
So I've been busy doing the bamboo thing, not much time to get out and about.
Which is not good since I've been itching to get out and do some real camera testing.
Mostly I've had to shoot what's right around me and I've wasted a lot of frames.
The motley crew:

Not a very good picture of the present herd.
That Nikon in the front, the L35AF as it's known to aficionados, impressed me:

Boy, my desk is really messy.
For an auto focus point and shoot it renders some nice images!
I got mine for twenty bucks though I haven't seen another nice one pop up on the evilness for a while.
For twenty bucks though it's a bit wonky and the flash keeps popping up even when the camera is off.
Oh well.
That small rangefinder Canon, the A35F, is also nice:

Small enough to carry on the Flat Tire Earth Machine although it doesn't have a manual setting.
Which is where the Konica comes in.
Except the meter on mine is inop.
Which in all my awesomeness I'm going to try and fix.
Once I get around to fixing the other Konica I just got:

Which arrived on the DOA side of functioning.
Meaning it works.
Sort of.
I need to get into that lens and do some fiddling around so I ordered me one of them lens spanner thingys to remove the retaining ring.
Then I can see where the light sensor is soldered to and fix the other camera.
The second Konica has some shutter and aperture issues but the meter on that one does work.
Oh well.
Vintage cameras.
If you know what I mean.
In other news, I also got me this:

Oh yeah baby!
Contrast here I come!
I think.
Yellow is supposed to improve contrast so I'm going to give the filter a go and see what how it works.
Red is good too but I think you lose like three stops as opposed to only two with yellow.
Gonna try and get out today before I do the bamboo thing.
Ah, the bamboo.
Will it ever end?
Sometimes I have to remind myself what's at the end of the bamboo road.
Today is supposed to be that last day.
I hope.
I also took another road in my film photography journey.
More on that later.

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