Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Final

Loaded for bear I was!
Carrying more than I wanted to, but as a former Cub Scout I am always prepared.
Sort of:

Two cameras in the cooler thingy and the tripod hanging off the handlebars is the only way to fly.
My destination: the Honolulu City Lights thing.
Every year the city hangs some lights and stuff around city hall and they have a parade (last night) and folks drive by and walk around and ooh and aah and stuff like that.
I left early because I had some other stuff to do:

Like shoot that Ektachrome I just got.
It's color slide film but I plan to cross process it; process it just like regular color film so the colors get all goofy and such.
It's only ISO 64 so you sort of have to use it during the daylight hours hence the leaving early part.
I also had a roll of that Ektar 100 that I wanted to try out at night.
Well I found out something about myself: I don't like shooting color film.
I mean I'll shoot it, but I much prefer black and white.
My eyeballs see more noir et blanc compositions than color compositions I dunno why.
I couldn't wait to finish those two rolls!
Anyways, we'll see how they came out later.
I also stopped by the harbor to catch the sunset:

Here I am waiting for something nice to happen.
It didn't.
Sort of:

After way too many pictures I later deleted, I left for the inner city:

Which is like right across the street.
Boy there's some noir et blanc compositions in there!
Unfortunately I was still loaded with that pesky color film.
So off to the lights thingy:

Cinderella was there.
Or at least her carriage was.
Tour buses all over the place as you can imagine.

My feeble attempt at a long exposure.
The giant blocks spell out "mele kalakimaka" which is like Merry Christmas island style.
The sidewalks were pretty much full of folks and small folks walking around taking pictures so I wasn't able to do much with my camera.
I'll go back later, maybe next week when the brouhaha has died down and get better images.

The Flat Tire Earth Machine parked in front of City Hall.
Well I was sort of tired from all that walking around; I had to walk my bicycle because of the crowds, so I headed on home:

Boy, that picture is bad.
Maybe Santa will bring me a GoPro for Christmas.
I better send him a letter.
Via Priority Mail.
Or something.
I forgot how much I like riding at night and although I've been thinking about it this is my first night ride out from the new Command Center.
I think I'll alternate some, you know, walk some nights and then ride.
Maybe even leave the camera at home.

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