Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Final

Yet another mail delivery!
No, it wasn't today as today is Sunday but I got it yesterday since it was Saturday but I didn't get around to it until today so it's still a surprise!
Okay, maybe not a surprise as I seem to get a new one about once a week.
Camera I mean:

Hello baby!
Come to papa!
You, the reader have seen this one before?
You, the reader are correct!
In fact you've seen this camera before and before:

Yes I know, but I have an excuse.
It's a sickness.
That has no cure.
Anyways, the newest member comes to me via eVilness auction that I didn't expect to win.
Luckily I did cause this one is in very very good condition.
Except for this:

Which is how all of them looked actually.
The cameras are so old the foamy stuff that seals out the light is all gummy and mushy.
What I have to do is scrap all that stuff off:

Clean up the residue with a some alcohol pads then apply some new foamy stuff:

Which is sort of easy.
Except for the removal of the old stuff.
That gets a bit messy.
Anyways, now I got a almost new to me camera!
Of course one is a back up and I'm going to give the other away to the kids as a prize or something.
I mean three of the same camera is a bit much.
Even for me.
Sort of.
I do have three Nikon FE2s but one is a donor camera, the one that lost it's mirror.
Speaking of SLR cameras, I'm find that I'm sort of moving in another direction.
I got me some of this:

Some fine grained slow speed film, you know, for the antique cameras.
The Delta 100 is pretty nice though you won't be catching me shooting too much of it at night.
When I mostly shoot.
For now.
Very nice quality:

Almost digital don't you think?
That's the problem: it's almost too nice looking.
I want my pictures to look like film.
Anyways, I'll be fooling around with this stuff for a bit and we'll see how it does.
Along with some other stuff I got coming in.
It's a sickness don't you know.

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