Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tricks of Light

That's how I explained it.
A couple of weeks ago when I took the kids on that night shoot, one of them asked me if I had ever seen a well, ghost.
No, I replied, I never had.
Wait for it.
Actually a couple of days before we went on that shoot I did see something.
I was walking through the park headed back to the Flat Tire Command Center at about elevenish at night.
I was about to pass one of them small bridges that go over the canal that runs around the park, a bridge like this one:

So I'm like on the other side of this bridge, coming up to it, and out of the corner of my eyeball I see a dude in a white shirt standing on the corner of the bridge.
I take note cause the park is full of homeless folks at night and I'm like carrying some stuff I'd rather not be separated from.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways I'm about ten feet away approaching that bridge and when I get there well, no one is there.
So I stop and look around.
No one is around.
Not on the bridge, not anyone anywhere within a hundred feet as far as I can tell.
A trick of the light I tell the kid asking me about it.
I'm still not convinced I actually saw anything that night.
Well the other day I was at school using that weather proof camera I got taking pictures in the rain of rain puddles and such.
Just me, standing in the rain alone.
Or was I?

Alone I mean.
I was going through the pictures last night and stopped when I came across this picture.
There appears to be someone coming down the steps of E building!
Here's a crop:

Boy, that still looks kinda creepy!
Now it's probably a combination of the water on the lens and some dust on the negative but to tell you the truth I'm still not convinced of either.
I suppose if you take enough pictures one is bound to come across something strange like this.
I suppose.
I keep telling myself.
I'd be one happy dude if it never happened again.
Kind of makes being alone at work a whole new experience.
A trick of light.
That's the ticket.
I think.

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