Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

I was wondering why my laundry basket was so light then I remembered it was a short week.
The inevitable lightness of laundry.
Or short on shorts.
Or something.
Anyways since I'm such a big fat (see other post) liar this came in the mail:

Now instead of just taking pictures of water, I'm going to take pictures in water!
Or close to it.
Like in rain.
I like the rain.
Except that rain is not good for electronic stuff or things that don't like well, water.
So what to do but get a waterproof camera!
The Flat Tire Shower Immersion Test:

Fits very nicely the soap thingy:

Then I thought how about some sexy soapy pics:

Me thinks I'm spending too much time around all these cameras.
Anyways, it was still taking pictures after all that uh, fooling around.
Whether or not the film is still dry, I won't know until I open her up.
I hope to turn around that roll today.
Since it's like raining and it's the perfect time to test that puppy out!
Well, once I get done with the laundry.
I've also experimented with that red scale stuff.
I read on Flickr how one dude double exposed it shooting it regular on one side then red scale on the other:

The problem here is that the images are composed randomly unless you remember what you did the first time and the second set of exposures is upside down.
The frames are also mis-aligned but I think I found a way to fix that by marking the film when loading.
There's some potential there but then again maybe I should just take the happy accidents.
Okay, it's really coming down now as my blinds are a rattling and I think my laundry is done and I got some negatives to scan over at work.
So off I go!


Steve A said...

I presume from the post that this is a film camera rather than one of the new waterproof digital types?

limom said...

Analog rules!