Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cactus Update, Limbo Land

The weather here has been unusually wet.
Not the all day kind of rain, but the once a day heavy down pour kind.
I guess it's okay, as long as the plants can drain.
The cactus plants of course.
Now I was reading somewhere that they grow really slow.
Like inches a year.
I don't know if this is some kind of growth spurt because they are young, but boy, some of them have really taken root:

Maybe it's just me, but I don't remember this guy being so fat. It looked like it was ready to bust out of the other planter it was in so I moved it into larger quarters.
This one that I'm particularly fond of is starting to grow new furry thingys on the side:

When I first got it, there was only one arm coming out, now there's like two and more on the way:

I'm sort of worried about the asymmetrical twist on the top though. Not sure what's up with that. I mean I don't want it to grow up all goofy looking.
If you know what I mean.
It also looks like a bird took a couple of bites out of it, though I can't imagine what kind of indigenous bird would eat cactus.
I like this one too:

In a Looney Tunes/Road Runner/Wiley Coyote kind of way. Maybe I'll start calling it my Acme cactus.
Anyways, so far so good.
Next, I'm going to order some cactus seeds to see if I can germinate and grow them from scratch.
I also need to get me some prickly pear.
So anyways, I'm still sort of waiting for that "thing" to settle itself.
I was hoping it would be over by this week, but it appears that I will have to suffer over the weekend.
Not thinking about it is the same as thinking about it; it just doesn't want to go away. I keep thinking no news is good news, then again, no news could be bad news too.
Maybe the "thing" shouldn't be good or bad, it should just be.
Whenever that is.
Until the "thing" happens or doesn't happen, I guess all I can do is act as if all is normal.
I'll just sit here and watch the cactus grow.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Some cactus are phototropic and grow toward the sun. If you turn them a different way, they will grow and sort of twist like that. I'm not sure if you can untwist them or not. But it's a good idea to keep them oriented the same direction, once they start growing. Face the crown (the part where the ridges come together) to the south.

limom said...

I was wondering about that.
I have them sitting in a spot where they catch full sunlight; about equal from sunrise to sunset.
Two of them have acquired that odd twist. Maybe it's just growing pains.
Or something.
I hope my cactus book gets here soon!