Monday, July 12, 2010

Two Weeks

That's what's left of my summer.
Seems like it went by in the blink of an eye doesn't it?
I mean I didn't really have any plans except to ride my bike and I didn't even end up riding that much!
Well, I got a couple of weeks to get some things done, so let's see how I do.
Anyways, today was super nice!
The weather I mean.
Clear skies, for the most part and just a slight breeze to keep the heat down.
Riding around today was great as there were no headwinds to battle, and no cross winds to worry about.
If they could can days like this I'd stock up on them and break them out on the weekends.
Here's an oddity I passed by on my ride:

When I say passed by, I mean I pass by this every time I go on my ride. It's just that my massive legs are propelling my at close to the speed of sound so sometimes I blink and I miss things.
Anyways, it's very strange:

Since it's been sort on the dry side this summer, the hills around Flat Tire Central have taken a beating. It's all brown and dry looking, not very tropical.
Except this one area where it looks like someone has decided to create an oasis or sorts:

If you click on the picture, you may be able to see the set of stairs cut into the hill side. The thing is, I think the hill is government property.
Do not trespass and all that.
Way back when, there used to be a patio chair up there on the terraces too.
Still, doesn't seem like such a bad place to hang out, even if you gotta climb up there.
I finally glazed my dad cup.
If you've been following along at home, you remember I made the dad cup back in like December.
Well, I finally thought of something catchy to put on it.
Unfortunately, the glaze ran:

I was sort of worried about that when I loaded it up last night and sure enough, well, I should have known better.
The white gold luster glaze I used needs to go on thin. I was thinking it was a bit thick, but it was sort of hard to see against the black background. The unfired glaze is a sort of transparent dark green.
So I just sort of hoped for the best.
Now I am left with two choices: give him the mug as is, with graffiti looking lettering, or re firing it and burning the bad stuff off.
I'll sleep on it as I have another glaze fire to do anyway.
Lastly, with two weeks to go, I finally got my kite books:

Reading material while I'm changing my oil today.
One more project I'll try to get done in these last weeks of my vacation.

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