Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Glazed Look In My Eye

Boy, what I day!
I went out for a short ride this morning. The weather wasn't really cooperating so I headed back home.
I figured it was time to start working on my planters.
I did a bisque last night so by the time I got home, the kiln was cool enough to unload.
Glazing your pots are just as hard, if not harder to do than actually making them.
I think it's like looking at a blank canvas; where do you start?
Well if you are following along at home, you know that I had those planters with the designs I made on them.
I wanted to glaze the designs a different color so I had to do some masking:

I do this so that I can get messy without having to worry about the unglazed portion of the planter. It was easier to do it this way for it was difficult getting the glaze into the grooves.
Here's the two design bands:

I did the same to the second planter I worked on.
This one only had the one section to do:

I gotta say, working with these low fire glazes is time consuming.
I spent a total of about three and half hours just doing those two planters!
Part of the reason is you gotta put three coats on there to get it good. In my limited experience, some times even three coats is not enough.
These pots also had those designs, so that took even longer.
I also did two of the smaller planters I made but I just glazed them a solid color.
I was too tired to do anything foo-foo.
So anyways, I loaded up the kiln with some stuff I did the other day:

We'll see how it all comes out tomorrow.
I'll tell you, I'm so tired, I'm not sure if I'm going to make to the fireworks!
Hopefully when I open the kiln tomorrow I'll see something nice.