Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something Fishy, Something Goosey

Okay not really.
There's nothing mysterious about this post.
It is though, about fish.
I'm just not sure what kind of fish.
Today I rode out over the levee.
Way on the other side, the Aikahi side, I guess the water is brackish, for that's where the marsh empties out into the sea.
Kinda sorta.
Thing is, we're about a good mile or so inland.
To get to where I am is a good mile and quarter ride over the levee wall.
I usually do this at the end of my ride, just to get in a couple of extra miles.
Also, I like to see what is going on in the marsh.
So anyways, today, I stop at the other end, the far side if you will, and take a break.
I'm watching the ducks do their thing when out of the corner of my eye, I detect some splashing water.
Fish are jumping.
All over the place.
Not real big fish. Maybe about a half to a full pound size fish.
No wonder I often see folks fishing there.
I mean I see folks fishing all over the place, it's just unusual to see folks fishing so far inland.
I took out The Flat Tire Digital Image Recorder(FTDIR) and tried to get some video.
Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I took it out, they seemed to settle down a bit.
The fish I mean.
Well, here's what I got.
Wait for the ducks to pass and look on the opposite shore(don't waste your time after :30 or so, nothing happens):

Okay, that video is not very good.
I tell you, it was a jump fest!
Like it was raining down fishes!
Okay, not really.
Best I can figure, those are either mullet or awa awa. Awa awa is Hawaiian Tarpon.
Either way, sort of difficult to catch.
There's a special way to catch mullet on a pole and it involves sitting and waiting a long time.
In places that mullet would congregate over the reef, folks would erect what we called mullet stands, sort of chairs built above the water with built in pole holders.
They would bait the poles, hang them over the water and wait for the tip to bob.
Apparently bites were few and far between hence the chairs.
There was a time when over the reef flats, you would see these wooden chairs sticking up in the middle of nowhere.
Well, it wasn't no where, it was Mullet Land.
Awa awa on the other hand, enjoy live bait.
Unfortunately, there must be tons of small fish running around in that place.
Still, I see folks with their kids trying their luck.
If I ever see anyone catch anything, I'll probably try my luck too.
So anyways, on my way home, I see the gooses are out.
Sometimes they are out in force, especially when people stop to feed them. Today, they were just sort of hanging out:

These guys live about a quarter mile away from here.
I don't know if that is also protected land or if it's private or government owned. The whole track of houses on that side of the road was built up on soil that was dumped there and built up over time.
Anyways, it's all fenced off so I guess the gooses and ducks have sort of declared squatter's rights on the place.
Thing is, it's summer so I guess the geese are molting:

White feathers all over the place!
Now I guess it wouldn't be so bad if they were all like the brown goose, but boy, there are enough white feathers there to make some nice pillows.
Or something.

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