Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Down on the Farm, Back on the Horse

Yesterday, I glazed some of the pots I took out of the kiln.
There is less than a week left of vacation time, so I want to get out as many things as I can.
Today, I pulled some stuff out of the kiln, just a couple of planters and a few vases:

As you can see on the green vase, I'm still having trouble getting the thickness of the glaze correct.
Anyways, I had one more cactus to transplant but I ran out of potting mix.
Off I went to the plant place to pick some up.
I'm telling you, I gotta stop going there for upon my return, I found myself with three more cactus plants.
Seriously, I have to stop going there.
Here are newest additions to the cactus farm:

I'm going to start delivering some of them tomorrow, so I'll have more room on the railing.
I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
More room on the railing I mean.
The bottle that blew up yesterday was bothering me so I cranked up the wheel and got to it.
I wanted to try some different types of bottles so I did those first.
Practice makes perfect don't you know.
Well, kinda sorta:

Ceramics, wheel throwing in particular, is all about repetitions.
You sort of keep at it until it comes out how you like it.
I used to work in series; meaning I would throw the same form over and over.
There are little nuances about each form that make it original.
Some nuances are good, some not so good.
As you get better, the closer in size and shape your forms get.
I'm not there yet.
The important thing is not to get discouraged and just keep going.
Fall down, get back on your horse.

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