Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting Racked

Or "Rack Em Up!"
Or maybe "nice rack!"
Well that remains to be seen.
The nice rack part I mean.
I decided to equip the Gary Fisher/Lanikai Express with a rear rack.
You know, to carry around plate lunches and other essentials.
Avenir rack for rear discs:

Now if you've been following along at home, you know that this bike does not have rear discs.
Well it's okay for it's one of those universal types that don't need to bolt to rack mounts. You use these clamp thingys to attach it to the seat stays:

Unfortunately the supplied clamps were a wee bit large so I had to cut some of that vinyl tubing I had to wrap on the stays:

I also decided to paint the lower part of the rack to match the bike. I figured if it didn't work, I could always paint it black again.
Since the rack is of the universal one size fits all type, the side brackets unbolted from the the top section so giving them a coat of Krylon was easy.
The funky part is installing it on your bike.
It's one of those things were everything has to be loosey goosey when you first place it, then you slowly start to tighten the bolts as things line up. Actually because of the vinyl thingys I had on the stays, installation wasn't as evil as I thought it was going to be.
Takes a bit 'o patience, and it helps to have the right tools:

Here's a couple of shots of where it attaches to the frame:

I haven't decided yet, but I think I need to paint the arms that attach to the upper part of the seat stays, then the rack will look like it's floating out there.
If I do that, I'll have to cut off the extra rod sticking out the back of the bracket.
The rack says it's rated for 25 kilos; I can't imagine ever putting that much weight on my bike and trying to go somewhere.
Good enough for runs to the store and picking up some cheese rolls.
Maybe even some blueberry muffins.
Or something.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Racks both enable and inspire you to carry stuff with your bike. 25kg of blueberry muffins may be excessive, though. You could freeze some I guess.

limom said...

Just thinking about fifty pounds worth of blueberry muffins is making me fat!
I swear, they got to have like a GAGILLION calories each!
Still, blueberry muffins.
Can't go wrong there.