Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ka'elepulu Wetland, Backyards

Great day today so off I went!
Good news is that I felt great!
So much so that I'm looking forward to racking up more miles tomorrow.
I got into Lanikai and the first thing I noticed was the horizon.
Very strange:

Looked like some white cloud thingy was getting ready to creep up and blanket the islands.
The formation broke up later.
Some folks trying their luck on shoreline below me:

The stream is all clogged up again:

I was headed home when I realized I needed a few tenths to hit twenty five. So instead of going up my street, I went straight to add a mile or so.
About a quarter of a mile away is a cul-de-sac I never go into.
Well, today I checked it out.
Okay, I really went to check out the woman loading up her surfboard, but instead I found this:

Now as far as I can remember, this area used to be under water. I guess over time, the tide brought in sediment so now most of it is above ground.
As you can see, it is also a preserve:

Looks like they dredged a little canal around the area behind all the houses, except for one place, where the preserve area is part of their backyard:

This area is about two miles inland, yet I found some mullets swimming around:

I was wondering about the salinity of the water when guess what popped up?

A freakin turtle!
All told I saw three of them swimming around that little pond!
Here's what the place looks like from down the street:

You can get right up the waters edge. In fact some places on the water have facilities for small boats.
A nice peaceful place at the water's edge.
All that can be yours if the price is right:

That lot has been sitting empty for years.
How's coming home to his in your back yard:

Okay, it's not really your backyard, but still, it's a nice place to sit back and enjoy your favorite cold beverage.

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