Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Over, T-Pots

It's over.
My life as I know it.
More on that later.
So today, I decided to do some assemblage and make a tea pot.
Okay, not really a functional tea pot, those aren't really fun.
I wanted to do something a bit different, and abstract teapot, if you will:

That's the body.
I been looking at cones for too long.
The idea was to make something tall.
Next came the spout:

I didn't get it as thin as I wanted, but it should do.
Still getting used to this clay don't you know.
Here's the lid:

I usually throw the lids upside down. This mean I change out to a masonite bat so that I can take it off of the wheel and recenter it easily.
Doesn't look like much now, I still have to trim it.
I'll use my Industrial Klay Extruder Gun(IKEG) to do the handle when it's time to put everything together.
Here's the letter I got informing me that I was not selected for the teaching position I was hoping to get:

That was the career changing information I was waiting on all this time.
If you've been following along at home that is.
Here's how I felt after I read said letter:

I kinda wish I had gotten the letter on Monday, for it sort of bums out my weekend. This was the third time I had applied to that particular school and to be honest, hopes were high.
I guess everything happens for a reason.
On the other hand, I still have a tea pot to construct.
What I'll do is let it set up, dry out for a bit, before I start putting it together.
I'm hoping that it will be good to go by this evening.
Meanwhile, I need to go someplace and contemplate life.
Or something.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That letter: consign it to the fires of forever in the kiln! Maybe its carbon could grace the teapot or something. The tall teapot is intriguing. I keep looking at the components, trying to imagine the final result, but it's mysterious!

limom said...

The letter: I feel better about it today.
Now the teapot.
That's become something of a headache.