Monday, July 26, 2010

Epic Day: Denouement

Here's the wrap up the yesterdays epic adventure.
Well epic in the sense that I had never been there before and a two hour ride turned into four.
Besides the pillboxes on the summit, there was one other reminder of Hawaii at war:

There are a few more places on the island where commemorative plaques like this exist.
I believe it was only within the last couple of years, officials were able to retrieve remains of a pilot who crashed over the Pali training during WWII. The crash site only recently became accessible.
Coming down the road from the observation platforms was just as nice as going up. I don't think you can get tired of the view, I mean if you are the sort that is into wide open expanses of blue nothingness:

The Ka'iwi channel between Moloka'i and Oahu is also a whale watching zone:

Well, the whole island is a whale watching zone; I have also seen folks sitting around in Lanikai waiting for whales to appear, but I've never seen any around here.
I saw a whales once off this side of island, actually only spouts, but it was pretty cool.
Besides the pillboxes, there are multiple places to explore.
Here's a path that leads down to what appears to be another observation post:

There were also some folks down below. I can't imagine how they got there:

I heard of a fisherman's trail that comes over from the Makapu'u side under the lighthouse, but it's supposed to be dangerous and only for the hardcore.
You many have noticed that there's also tons of prickly pear cactus up there!
I was stoked:

There were some people who were coming down carrying bags of the fruit, which look to me like orange mini pineapples. Must do some research.
Okay, I headed out of there pretty quick for I was just about out of water.
The road home:

Here's the Makai Pier where the University of Hawaii has their deep water submersibles:

Seems that water walking is getting popular on this side of the island too:

I'm telling you, the water was looking good. I contemplated taking off my shoes and just dipping my feet, especially after the hike up the hill. It was getting late though, so I kept going.
More horses:

As promised, polo!

There's a nice grandstand too:

Unfortunately, as I was watching, a rider and his horse collided with one of the goal pylons and they both went down. Horse and rider got up okay(I think, I hope!) but it seems like they were done for the day.
Or maybe it was like half time or something.
I had to climb through a fence to watch and then I had to make sure I didn't get horse poop stuck in my cleats!
Okay, there you go.
Stay tuned for the next-
Epic Adventure!

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