Friday, July 16, 2010

Ginormous Pinwheel and Conjunctions

Sort of.
The ginormous pinwheel I mean.
Well, it was certainly as big as I could make it.
I cut a 23" square out of the aluminum sheet I had and did the pinwheel thing.
If you've been following along at home, you know I had a problem with the rivet pulling out the back.
This time, I cut up some scrap aluminum I had and drilled a 1/8" hole. I used these pieces to hold the thing together:

It worked well along with a slightly longer pop rivet. This time, everything held together nicely. I pushed the head back through the rivet and mounted it to a piece of wood:

This thing is about 31" in diameter! It took some fiddling about to get it to spin in the wind. I had to cut some spacers to it sat about an inch or so away from the mounting stick thingy.
Okay, that image doesn't really show any scale.
So here it is next to a mountain bike wheel:

Very little wind today, so very little hot pinwheel action:

Maybe I can mount it on the front of one of my bicycles!
Okay, not really.
The planets are lining up!
Sort of. Thanks to A Darker View, I was informed of a planetary conjuction that's coming up.
Check it out for more information!
The other night, Venus was pretty close to the waxing Moon. I tried to get some pics from the parking garage of the hospital, but my hand held attempts were not very good.
Tonight I'll take my tripod and other camera to try and get something worthy. No shoddy images here.
Well, at least not all the time.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Sweet mother of spinning things that's a whopper of a pinwheel. It looks freakishly photoshoppingly large next to that wheel. It just ain't right somehow (yet it is sooo right). Might have to move pinwheels up a few points on the danger scale though.

limom said...

Not quite Oldenburg scale, but it's getting there!
I'll do a couple more tomorrow and stick them in the yard.
I haven't figured out how I'm gonna mount em though.