Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Danger Zone

I'm telling you, I had to muster all my Jedi skills to keep my composure.
Things were fast and furious, but I held my ground.
Today, I had to sit the show again, so since I was in town, I decided to check out another type of show a couple of miles away.
A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to another show participant who happened to be a wood turner and he reminded me of a show of sorts at our local Woodcraft store.
Now let me tell you, I usually avoid this place like the plague, I mean I don't have deep pockets and that place, well, it's just not a good place to visit.
Seems like every where you turn, there's something you don't really need but want to buy.
Today it was hopping!
Large tent outside with all the major manufacturers represented:

I spent a while poking around, reminding myself how much I didn't need any of the stuff on sale.
Boy, it was rough.
I mean everything was on sale!
I passed on some Bessey clamps, and an impact driver and a table sander.
Just some things I've been thinking about for future projects. I mean it's hard to justify the cost when you are only going to use the stuff once or twice. I'm not really a wood worker.
I could be though.
If the I can turn it, I can work it:

Mesmerized by the hypnotically spinning block of wooden goodness, I watched with my tongue hanging out of my mouth as this dude made wonderful gobs of sawdust while creating a bowl.
I calculated in my head the cost of the chisels, the sharpening thingy, and the lathe.
Then I thought about how much I would like to have a clay slab roller.
Then I watched the dude some more.
Slab roller.
Finally, in a moment of clarity, I gathered myself and left with my wallet intact.
That's the good news.
On the way home, I started thinking of all the different kinds of things I could do making wooden bowls on a lathe.
The bad news is I'm going back tomorrow.


Steve A said...

So, what'd you buy today?

limom said...

It's not about what I bought, it's what I didn't get.
Or what I wanted.
Or what I decided I didn't need.
Or something.