Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking, The New Gios

I gotta tell you, I've almost never used the touch pad thingy on my laptop and it's sort of a pain if you aren't used to it.
Searching evil eBay sucks for there isn't a "back" button and although I can scroll, sort of, it's just not the same as having a good ole four button mouse.
I never realized I made so many typos before.
My finger is not a happy camper:

Mousey! I miss you!
Hurry Amazon, hurry! Hurry up and deliver the Logitech goodness to my door!
My finger will thank you!
Boy, the things I do for laughs around here.
So anyways, the search is still on for the Ultimate Two Wheeled Self Propelled Vehicle(UTWSPV).
I still have to drive out to the far side of nowhere to check out that place that sells the Jamis bikes. I called and they have a couple of road bikes in my size so I may take a journey out there this Sunday.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my finger and I have been busy.
I went over the Masi site to check things out.
Not too shabby!
In fact it was downright drooly and mouth watering:

Unfortunately, imported beer taste on a Budweiser budget.
I also checked out the Kona bikes, for the LBS is a Kona dealer too:

Out of range for my budget, unless I manage to sell like 50 of them bicycle coffee mugs. I better get on it for right now I only got like five made.
I'm digging the disc brakes though.
So anyway, I remembered some talk about Gios and the compact frames they had. I searched and searched and couldn't find any for sale.
Well, it turns out that the company reformed or split or something due to some kind of licensing thing and now they'll be offering a whole bunch of new stuff!
Okay, not a whole bunch of new stuff, but their road frames along with a new line frames that aren't so sporty.
The information was sort of spotty and I forgot where I found it so if you're interested, you'll have to do your own searching.
I do remember that their compact frames were going for around $900 and the top tube dimensions were what I was looking for.
Okay, out of my price range again, but not if I was thinking long term project.
Oh well, I might as well dream, I mean I'm sick and all I need something to cheer me up besides Law & Order.
Once my new mouse gets here, my finger will be happy too:

You know, now that I think about it, I should have just Photoshopped those faces on there.


Oldfool said...

You can buy a cheap mouse in a dozen places around here and this is really a backwater. I have several of the ball type as a backup but then I have a backup computer as well. Backup keyboards are a must as I never know when I'm going to pour wine into one. They are everywhere too. The one I'm using now I got at the thrift store for 5 bucks.
Spare bicycles too for all the good it does. I'm tethered to the Lua today.

limom said...

My less than punctual mouse should arrive any day now so not to worry!
I never got used to the ball trackers, not enough coordination.
Me, I mean.
Hmmm, time to lay off all that hot and spicy food!

Steve A said...

Photoshopped smiley faces just aren't the same...

limom said...

We at The Flat Tire strive for authenticity!