Monday, October 25, 2010

Hawaii Five Oh!

So, I'm really digging the new Hawaii Five O, not to be confused the old Hawaii Five O, which is nothing like the new Hawaii Five O, but you probably already know that.
For one thing, there's a lot more action!
The old Five O tended at times to plod along, getting too wrapped up in stuff like a plot and characters.
The new show is like SLAM! BAM!
It just keeps going!
They(the new guys) also manage to get the location names correct, most of the time.
I mean seriously on the old show, it seemed like they had some dude back in corporate headquarters throwing darts at street names and locations.
Us guys that really lived here, boy, we got a laugh out of that!
Still the old show had it's impact.
Back in small kid days, that's Hawaiian for when I was a child, okay, not really, I mean it's not Hawaiian, but back in small kid days, all the boys wanted to have Steve McGarrett hair:

Of course being small kids, we'd have to wait until our hair was fairly long, which didn't happen too often, and steal some Vitalis from our fathers to get it to stick like Jack Lord's.
Hair, that is.
Vitalis, that was some great stuff:

Of course when us small kids "played" Hawaii Five O, no one wanted to be Danno cause he always took orders(book em Danno) and every one wanted to be McGarrett so it did pose some problems.
Usually the guy with the best hair won.
The new Five O has an all new cast(duh!) and I think they work pretty well together.
First there's the new Steve McGarrrett, Alex O'Loughlin:

He's pretty good for an Aussie, but he's got to work on his local accent a bit more.
There's Scott Caan as Danny Williams:

I have to say, Caan almost steals the show with his witty banter. The real Danno though, would never have talked to Steve like that.
He would have gotten a back slap to the head for sure.
Danile Dae Kim does a good Chin Ho, the man on the street:

The old Chin Ho actually looked like a Chin Ho, if you know what I mean.
Then finally rounding out the cast is a new comer, Grace Park, who plays Kono:

She's a fresh new face who was on Battlestar Gallactica or something. With such a great cast, she's going to have a hard time getting noticed though I think she's okay.
Sort of blends into the background, but hey! what do I know?
So anyways, if you haven't already, check out the new improved Hawaii Five O!
Like we used to say in small kid time:
Be there! Aloha!


Khal said...

I'm getting on a plane so I can meet that wahine up close and personal...

Steve A said...

One of the all-time great themes...

dogimo said...

You wiseass! I must say, I'm delighted by the witty juxtapositions and deadpan captioning. Funny stuff.

limom said...

Khal, I'm here and I'm still trying.
Okay, not really.
Steve A, it's one of those that just sticks in your head.
Mr. Dogimo, I try.