Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

On the home front and at work.
It seems my cold has come back and this time it's all in my head.
I can't seem to pop the pressure inequality in my right ear and I keep bumping into the walls.
Equilibrium in your ear?
Believe it.
When it messes up, it ain't pretty.
Work has also become decidedly difficult.
I hope to have that resolved by next week, though being just a player does not help my situation.
Hang in there they tell me, it's okay, I've already hit the bottom.
On the other hand, the only thing that remains is a bright side.
My mouse decided to die after I spilled some water on it.
Okay, I drowned it.
I thought I heard a squeal, then the LED slowly went from green to red.
Rest in peace, you served me well.
Amazon is a little late delivering the replacement.
I ran out of Kleenex and the safety check on my car is expired.
I got two cheese rolls and a quarter of a piece of salami.
I'm down but not out.
Except I keep reaching for a mouse that's not there.
We are trying to resolve the problems and return you to your normal programming.

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