Friday, October 8, 2010

Under the Bright Lights, Hawaii Craftsmen Juried Exhibition

Sort of.
I mean it was all under the lights, wonderful stuff that shows off the creativity of the artists.
I just don't have any pics.
Okay, I managed to get like four pictures, before I was told that there was no picture taking in the gallery.
I should have waited until later when the picture taking was out of control.
Well it turns out I sit the show tomorrow so maybe I can sneak some then.
It was a great turn out:

Saw some folks I knew, all four of them.
Two of my ceramic professors from school and one guy I used to work with at the community college.
Not sure they remembered me for that was like way back in another life.
Overall, a great show!
I didn't quite make the cover of the catalog:

That piece was awesome!
The one on the cover I mean.
I did manage to make page three:

Also picked up the award for ceramics!
Totally friggin awesome!
I have to admit though, if I were giving that one out, I wouldn't have chosen mine. There was some stuff there that I thought was way more interesting than my teapot.
Then again, I've been staring at it for like two months, so maybe it's just me.
Boy, did my head have a hard time fitting through the gallery door!
Okay, just kidding.
Sort of.
Kidding, I mean.
More secret spy shots tomorrow.
Also since I'm not one to rest on my laurels, time to start thinking about my next project.
Gee, after this, it better be something good.


Rat Trap Press said...

Congratulations on the award. You should frame that page of the catalog.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Yeay! Congrats man! Agreed, frame the catalog, also suggest that you spend the award money on bike stuff.

Steve A said...

"I wouldn't have chosen mine."

Which is exactly why they have these juried events, since you are hardly an impartial party. Congrats, and I think the judges made a reasonable selection - put up all the photos of the other entrants and your loyal readers can also give better biased opinions. Of course, we'll merely confirm the quality of the

limom said...

Thank you, thank you, loyal fans!
It was a nice surprise for me to go and see the awards thingy next to my piece.
I've been icing my head all night to get the swelling down!
I'm off to sit the show and sneak some pics so you, the readers, can be the jurors.
I'd like to thank the Academy, etc...

dogimo said...

Congrats on the recognition for all your hard work. Well-earned! Love that pot.

limom said...

Thanks man!
A little recognition is always nice. It helps to fuel the creative inspiration!
I love that pot too.
Handles and all.