Thursday, October 7, 2010

Freshly Baked Cycling Mugs

Get em while they're hot!
Not kidding.
I needed gloves to remove the mugs from the kiln.
Not a recommended procedure, it's best to let them cool down slow, but I was anxious to see how they turned out.
I used paper towels to bring them inside.
Remember, I am a professional, don't try this at home.
I did one to match the Lanikai Express:

After all, staring at the Express' wheels all night and all day sort gave me the inspiration.
I did one of each tread pattern. This one was directional:

I used a satin black glaze on the tires and for the rims, grey. I think they look better now that there's some separation.
Scale and proportion improved.
A little sloppy between the rim and tire and the area where the handle meets the mug:

The other one with the block treads:

There are some issues like the some of the spoke holes didn't get any glaze, and the bleeding of color.
Overall, I think they came out okay.
To fix the rim/tire issue, I think I'll lay down the black first, then the rim color.
I've got a few more designs to try out, just have to sort out the details and do some maquettes.
So, which do you prefer?

I got four more MTB Mugs and one Chain Mug outside waiting to be glazed. Hopefully I can fire them up tonight.
Get em while they're hot!


John Romeo Alpha said...

Can't choose...the color combinations are striking. The wheel handles look sturdy and just make you want to pick them up. I don't use handles anyway, though, and the chain is ao distinctive and chunky that a cyclist just has to examine it. But if I have to pick one, while the yellow and black is great, I'd go with the chain mug by 1 mm.

limom said...

I think I'd go with the Chain Mug too. I agree that it just asks to be well, handled.
I like the wheels too.
Don't know why, but I sort of like to just stare at em.