Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Final

It's smaller than a tool box.
The thing I got today.
After going back to the Danger Zone.
I debated with myself last night, and it was a very long debate, on what exactly I was doing and what I needed to do it.
Being a ceramic type, I should be all hot and bothered by ceramic stuff, but to tell you the truth, there's just no glamour in ceramic tools.
Not even to a ceramic type person.
Now wood type tools, there's some stuff to get all hot and bothered about!
The thing is, unless you got like beaucoup bucksage, it's mostly window shopping, like what I did today.
Well, I did pick up something:

Yes sports fans, I bought a saw!
Not just any saw, a Japanese pull saw, to go with my Japanese dozuki saw:

Which as you can see, is much larger than my new saw.
So is the kerf:

The kerf is the size of the cut the saw makes; the new saw is on the left, the dozuki is on the right. It's all in the teeth per inch:

One can get pretty stupid with Japanese saws, there's like one for every uh, sawing occasion:

Some of the real ninja saws go for more than a hunski; out of my league.
I didn't even bother to check what these bad boys were selling for:

Judging by what the planes cost, I was afraid to ask:

It's all in the steel and as we all know, steel is real.
A good saw and nice set of chisels would do you good if you want to start working with wood.
One of my projects from school was my toolbox:

My new saw will fit in there very nicely, thank you.
I put it together using box or finger joints. You are supposed to cut those out by hand, but I used a jig and a table saw.
You can see the box joints on the top section.
I added false joints next to the drawers in front:

I then cut the dovetail joints to match the box joints. I made detailed plans for this:

Those were done by hand.
The dovetail joints, I mean.
To do this, you need some chisels and a good mallet:

I sort of got into joinery.
So anyways, I was inspired being around all those glamorous wood tools and such, I mean it was like being in wood person's heaven.
Then I came home and looked at my mail box:

Boy, nothing inspiring about that.
Time to remodel.
Or more like raze and rebuild.
Stay tuned.


John Romeo Alpha said...

A mug tree in the shape of a cactus would kind of unify your recent themes, I think.

limom said...

There's something called a mug tree?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Yes sir! A multi-branching tree, or cactus-like thing, made of wood, for the kitchen, for hanging your mugs on. If you g00gle it, you can see many examples on the Shopping Results. All of which I feel your Saguaro Mug Cactus, built with Japanese saws, would defeat, in terms of pure mug-hanging capabilities.

limom said...

I shall seek googlenlightenment of the mug tree you speak of!