Monday, October 17, 2011

Changes in Attitudes

Isn't that like a Jimmy Buffett song?

I saw him in concert once, way back in another life but I haven't tried his cheeseburgers yet.
Not what this is all about.
Not really.
Okay well, kinda sorta.
If you've been following along at home you, the reader, know that I went and stopped off at the local LBS yesterday.
I don't exactly know what took me there as I haven't bought anything bicycle related in a while.
Well, make that a while for me.
I guess I was kinda curious to see how the new bikes looked and more so to see if anything caught my attention.
It was just a year ago that I was on the same mission, looking at a possible new bicycle purchase.
New bicycles have that allure, that new bicycle smell that you just can't get with say like a used bicycle.
Nevermind about the smell part, you get my drift.
I mean they're all nice and shiny and blingy and the chain rings are like in pristine condition and the chain has that sticky stuff all over it.
You get a new bicycle so that you can take it home and make it yours.
If you're anything like me anyways.
Not like an older bicycle, where you have to worry about where it's been and how the previous owner took care of it and you gotta check for worn out parts and make sure nothing's broke.
It wasn't that long ago when I'd roam the aisles of the LBS, looking at all the newest carbon and aluminium goodness, dreaming of well, the bicycle of my dreams.
Not so much anymore.
Somewhere along the line, my eyeballs changed and they way I see them newfangled bicycles is now a bit different.
Okay, way different.
I'll be honest here and say it up front.
A bicycle is a status symbol.
Well not exactly a status symbol, more a symbol of individuality.
Some time between now and then, the bicycle became less of a tool and more of an expression of who I am what I want to be.
Is that a good thing?
Not sure.
I'm also not sure of why it changed.
Don't get me wrong here, a bicycle is still a bicycle and I wouldn't look down on anyone riding say a really cheap bicycle.
You ride, you rock.
I mean it doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you're riding.
So anyways, I went to the LBS to check out some bicycles at a certain price point, you know, to see just what kind of bicycle I would be able to afford.
I gotta say, after looking around, they all started to look the same.
Which got a little worried.
I mean some of them bicycles are really nice.
Just not for me.
Was I turning into a bike snob?
Had I regressed to the point where only a special bicycle will turn my head and everything else is just blah?
You know the type.
"That's a nice bicycle you got there."
Then you wait for it.
Please, please, please ask me what kind of bicycle I ride.

Okay, I haven't gotten to the point where I gotta fish for compliments.
For one thing, while I guess my bicycles are nice, they're really not anything to write home about.
See this change in attitude?
Where did it come from?
What does it mean?
What possesses me to seek out and obtain the unobtainable?
I mean its' a freaking bicycle, it's not like you can pull up to an expensive restaurant and valet park.
To most of the population you look goofy while riding it.
Just who exactly am I trying to impress?
It's like I'm strolling through the LBS and all the time I'm thinking "yeah, these bicycles are nice, but I ride an Italian bike."
I do believe I've morphed into something truly evil.
Either that or I've morphed into something truly Italian.
Italian. Frozen pizza. Get it?
You know like pizza is Italian and all that?
So anyways I'm feeling pretty guilty about having these elitist thoughts and ambitions.
Ashamed really.
So ashamed that I'm beginning to question this whole Italian/custom frame acquisition.
Okay, not really.
I'm still going to get a new frame.
Maybe I just need an attitude adjustment.
If you know what I mean.


johnnytrashbike said...

you need to go onto cr**gslist and spend $20 on a bike with scratches and duct tape on the seat. ride that around every once in a while. then going home to those italian beauties will seem pretty sweet.

limom said...

That's it!
I need a POS bicycle!
I need a "Humbler."
I already got the Bike With The Funny Name(BWTFN).