Wednesday, October 5, 2011

South Swell

Not as large as the predicted 6-12 feet, but with some overhead sets.
It was high tide so the waves weren't exactly peaking out, and I saw mostly close out sets like the poor fellow in the third frame from the top.
A wave "closes out" when it doesn't peel left or right, but breaks in one continuous line.
The south swells are driven by winter storms out in the South Pacific and Australia and New Zealand, so these waves have done some traveling.
I think it's sort of late for the South Shore to be breaking like this as I believe we're starting the winter season and the North Shore will begin to fire off.
Despite the close out sets and the wipe outs, I guarantee those folks out there in the line up were happy campers.


rlove2bike said...

The pictures of the surfers are really cool...and it looks like a lot of fun. There some who surf Lake Superior which is near us. They need to have big storm blowing in. That usually means it is very cold. I know they wear wet suits to do it. Somehow I think, it would be much more fun where you are!! :-)

limom said...

If you know what you're doing it's fun.
I've been out on a couple of overhead days, and it was not fun.
More like just trying to stay alive.

limom said...

Sort of reminds me of riding behind my brother.
The just staying alive part.