Thursday, October 13, 2011


Boy, I've been slacking lately.
I don't know why, but I just don't seem to have the energy for my midweek rides.
I've become a weekend warrior.
Couch potato.
I've lost my oomph!
Well, I was going to hit the road this afternoon except I remembered I had something to do so instead I went and got me a frozen pizza:

Okay that's not frozen.
Pop it in the gamma ray thingy for nine minutes and presto!
I mean voila!
I could eat a frozen pizza a day if it was healthy.
Even if it was unhealthy.
Anyways, I don't eat like the whole thing, I eat only the middle part and The Dog, he eats the crusts.
We got a sweetheart deal.
So anyways, instead of going out and burning some calories, I'm sitting here packing some on!
Whooo hoooo!
Sort of like the Anti-Ooomph!
Like Bizarro Superman.
Instead of being the Man of Steel, I'm like the Man of Bubble Wrap.
All soft and cushiony.
Or something.
While I was at the post office, the post office came to me and dropped this off:

Nothing beats a slice of pie and some good bicycle quotes.
Like this one:

"Never stop working on your weaknesses."
Mike McCarthy

Well, my weakness is pizza so lemme tell you, I'm training hard!
Damn! that slice made me work some muscle groups I didn't know existed!
I'm gonna be hurting tomorrow.
I swear though, right after I finish the last slice, I'm gonna rededicate myself to getting out there and rolling up some miles.
No really!
I need to get back some of my Oomph!
Powered by Pepperoni.
Don't you know.


Trevor said...

Pepperoni power....I'm sure that it will catch on. I'm going out to buy me one now..!!


limom said...

On you way to being a mozzarella mobile!