Friday, October 28, 2011


First of all lemme just say it.
Okay, someone out there in Bloggerland sent me an email, maybe legit maybe not, and I mistakenly deleted it forever.
All I remember is that your name started with an H and it started off with a "I was wondering..." before I Ooopsed it to digital oblivion.
I don't usually delete stuff before reading it, I mean some of those spammy thingys are sort of entertaining.
If you know what I mean.
The thing is, all I get is boat loads of spam and no one ever emails me so I usually just delete the whole lot.
Unless of course it starts off with like a "hello sir" cause anyone who calls me sir has my immediate attention.
Sort of.
I ignore some of them, especially the ones talking about monetary numbers not in a currency currently traded in Flat Tire Land.
Everyone knows we trade only in Italian Alloy Goodness(IAG) here.
Which comes out to something like $50 a gram.
Or so.
Wait for IAGs to hit the Exchange and you can trade it too.
Once in a while I also get spammy in the comments section, though it hasn't happened a lot.
I seem to get the ones linking to tire companies and such, go figure.
The other day, I got one that took me here.
Now I actually don't mind the ones linked to bicycle stuff, cause I like new blingy stuff and new is always better.
Well if you look at that there "new" quick release, go ahead, squint yer eyeballs, you may, like me, have a hard time seeing anything new.
Okay, there's like this extra thingy you have to grab to release your wheel, but my drop outs don't have like them recessed areas so my wheels would just fall off.
Isn't that the idea behind a quick release?
Undo the cam thing and your wheel comes off?
If you undo the cam and the wheel doesn't fall off, then it isn't exactly quick is it?
The other thing that doesn't impress me is that the design is of the common nekkid cam.
I prefer the other type, the covered cam like Shimano and of course Campagnolo:

I've found that the exposed cam can loosen up if it gets wet and the cam follower/grommet thingy gets old.
So to me, that new innovative system doesn't seem too innovative at all.
The website does imply that those new quick releases are OEM on a couple of different marques, so maybe there's something to it.
I just don't see it.
Then again, if my skewers become loose, without that extra locking ring, it becomes a rather large Ooops!
So if you're looking for an extra margin of safety, them newfangled quick releases may just be the thing for you.
Anyways, back to my original Ooops! if you, the emailer, was really wondering something and your name began with like the letter H, get back to me.
If it was or was not important, I may or may not reply.
If you know what I mean.


Steve A said...

"my drop outs don't have like them recessed areas"

You lucky dog! If you HAVE those "lawyer lips," you have to file them off so the quick release will work as God and Tulio intended...

Chandra said...

The Campy stuff looks so fancy!

Paz :)

John Romeo Alpha said...

Rule 4: never say oops.

limom said...

Steve A, I got tabs on one of my front forks only, but it don't bother me much.

Chandra, fancy but heavy.

JRA, ooops of course is the "G" rated version of a word I use far too much.