Saturday, October 29, 2011

How Low?

Oh yeah.
I was feeling sort of low the other day as one of them crazy kids rode his bike into school.
Pedals barely off the ground, he pulled up in style:

Twisted metal chrome bling!
Sort of.
I mean the cranks looked to be about 100mm long; I'm not sure how many revs you could get.
Especially with your knees knocking on yer chest.
I'd probably take him in a sprint and crush his soul though he'd give me hard rubs for style points.
No Italian Alloy Goodness(IAG) here.
The springer front end looked really comfy:

Not too sure about them 140 spoke wheels though.
Seems to me you may as well go solid as they look like they are a pain to keep clean.
They were all nice and shiny though, so what can I say?
For a second there, and it was just a second, I wondered what they'd look like in a larger diameter.
Say 700c.
Just think how it would glisten and sparkle!
Okay, they might be a bit difficult to spool up and I'm not sure there would be any aero advantage.
I think I would have liked this better without the faux steering wheel:

It sort of breaks up the bicycle lines having that stick up over the top tube and I'm guessing it won't be pretty if you get into any kind of accident.
These kids though, take their bicycles just as serious as I do, judging by the gleam on the chrome bits and spotless paint on the frame.
Attention to detail is what it's all about and this bicycle was clean.
Check out the bell.
As it turns out, it was his girlfriend's bike!
Maybe the next step with these bikes is to add some hydraulics so that they can get that front tire bouncing off the ground.
Now that would rock!
You'd have to take it easy on the turns though.
If you know what I mean.


shuichi said...

ピカピカですね!Fascinated! I won't ride it on a mud road if I had the one.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I think you could make these bounce with electrics, you wouldn't even need to go hydraulic.

Chandra said...

Holy spokes!

Paz :)

limom said...

Shuichi, the kids are can get pretty creative!

JRA, some kind of humumgous solenoid?

Chandra, !

John Romeo Alpha said...

High speed linear actuator. The front wheel of a bicycle is just about the right weight for one, and they are silent. You could conceal one in one leg of a front fork shock, and the power in the other leg. Bounce it like Beyoncé.

limom said...

I'll look into that.