Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Final

Off I went!
After I watched some Law & Order I mean.
The weather held up today, just some overcast with patches of sunshine coming through so I took to the road.
Not my usual route, getting kind of tired of doing that, but instead I sort of went backwards, and hit up Lanikai first:

I watched this group of kayak folks for a bit cause they seemed to have some kind of paddling rhythm going.
Sort of reminded me of one of those mailbox whirly gigs.
Plus it was sort of windy and I wanted to see how much progress they were going to make.
Not bad.
About their progress I mean.
Keeping the kayaks close together seemed to help, sort of like drafting I guess.
So anyways, this was sort of one of those non computer days, though I had the Prevaricating Garmin on the bars, I tried my best not too look at it.
Too much.
I went by that not yet finished market that shall not be named, and found another store is opening in the complex:

Boy, that's all I need.
A place that sells really cool cooking stuff.
I got rid of my Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma catalogs and now this.
What will I do?
The place that shall not be named is doing a pretty good job of making their place all nice and homey looking.
The got this plant thingy growing on one of the walls facing the street:

It looks like the rest of the building will have these vine thingys all over it:

At least it will be all green and it won't look like a Costco warehouse.
All this thinking about food was well, making me think about food so off I went in search of something to eat.
I've had this on my mind since Saturday, when I was sitting the show and across the street was a Burger King.
I stopped off here:

That's right plate lunch fans!
L&L, the home of the barbecue plate, coming to a shopping mall near you.
The proliferation of the L&L places here have sort of slowed, but I understand that the L&L army is marching eastwards.
Anyways, I didn't want like a full plate full o'food, I just wanted me some fries:

Actually there's like a McDonalds right next door here, but I didn't want no thin girly fries, I wanted some rugged manly full sized potato sticks!
No packets of ketchup here, only them red squeeze bottles full of the your condiment of choice.
Oh yeah.
I don't have like a burger and fries too often, maybe once every couple of months, so this was like a real bonus.
Besides, I kept telling myself that I need the carbs.
All righty then.
Time to clean my chain and wipe down the ole Celeste Devil.
That, concludes your regular programming.


Steve A said...

On my trip, I learned that French fries got their name due to a misunderstanding and a reporter that didn't realize that Paris is in Texas. The original recipe came to Paris from Belgium.

limom said...

Belgian fries?
There's a recipe?
Like, cut and fry?
Those pesky Belgians!
By the way, I wonder how many Paris' there are in the US.