Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Final

Not a good day.
On the bike I mean.
Other than that, it was a beautiful day!
Except for the traffic:

I swear, I just standing there(JST) and within like five minutes the once clear calm waters were suddenly crowded with yellow thingys!
In that flotilla I counted about 18 of them, not counting the red one and the outrigger canoe.
I thought I was going to see the outrigger Tbone on of them kayaks but the outrigger folks slowed and went around.
There were more of them on Flat Island:

Flat Island or Popoia Island is a bird sanctuary, the folks landing there can only walk around the perimeter as the rest of the island is off limits.
Sea birds nest on these little offshore islands and most of them are protected by laws.
I also started thinking that maybe Kailua/Lanikai has the greatest number of kayaks per capita in like the world!
Or something.
So anyways, I slogged my way around Kailua, my heart rate doing funky things, my legs slowing turning into noodles like pasta in boiling water.
Make that overcooked pasta.
Usually my mid ride cream soda gives me a boost, sort of like spinach and Popeye, but not today.
I left feeling sort of strange and bloated like and it wasn't until I burped four miles later that I realized why.
I swear, letting out a good burp has got to be one of the more pleasant things in life.
It was one of those days where I just couldn't get into a good rhythm, I kept going fast and slow, slow and fast until I just couldn't go at all.
So I stopped off at the LBS, you know, to take a look at all the new stuff.
Somehow I got it into my head that instead of some custom frame, a newfangled bicycle might be the way to go.
It's not.
One year ago today, more or less, I would have been perfectly happy to jump on some monocoque carbon goodness with or without some Zertz inserts and gone on my satisfied way.
Funny how things can change in a year.
More on this later.
Anyways, as soon as I knew I left my legs at home I started on a new mission, one that I've been thinking about but didn't really try.
I started to think about Mr. Rantwick and his tree contest thingy, so I went in search of my perfect tree.
More on this later too.
Lemme tell you, it wasn't easy but since my attention was now focused on trees, I sort of forgot about my forgotten legs and it turns out I had a pretty nice ride.
I gotta say before leaving the house today, I felt a sort of anticipation about getting back out on the road, something I haven't felt in a while.
It felt pretty good.
It also felt pretty good to come home and take a nap until The Dog needed to do this thing, but that's another more on this later too.
So, until later.


RANTWICK said...

Good luck on your quest... A Hawaiian tree would be a funky entry. (Burp). 'Scuse me.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Some days seem like not good days on the bike but then turn out to be good days in other ways and since they were on the bike they were good days on the bike even if they didn't happen to be good bike days, and if they turned out to be a day that you found a good new bike, even better.

limom said...

Rantwick, yes.
You're excused.

JRA, uh, yes.