Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Early Edition

My last day of vacation.
What to do?
What did I do?
Short work interludes like this are sort of strange, for it's not really a vacation vacation, but more like a work stoppage.
No time to really enjoy it before you're back doing whatever it is you're doing.
For me, it takes me like one week to sort of wind myself down and really start doing nothing before I start to do something.
Or at least think about doing something.
Usually I end up just doing nothing.
Which is like something except you got nothing to show for it.
I did get two rides in, on the the nice days we had, on Thursdays ride I missed a heavy shower by about a half hour.
Today looks like it might be clearing up so hopefully I'll get some miles in.
Once the streets dry out.
I've also been thinking about where I'm going as a bicyclist, mostly about the bicycles I ride and what I want to ride in the near future.
The bicycle, being a tool of sorts, seems to be the sort of machine where you learn on one model, then as you get better, you upgrade until you get the one you really need.
Or want.
Sort of like a set of woodworking chisels: those really cheap ones you got do the job, but boy do those Japanese hand forged ones look good.
Sort of how a hand built bicycle looks good, but the bicycles I got already do the job.
Still, there's a need there, based mostly upon how much you use you get out of it.
I mean for a casual rider, let's say less than fifty miles a month, I don't think the bicycle is much more than a tool, but for the rider who puts in a bunch of miles and spends mucho time in the saddle, the bicycle becomes much more.
If you bang on them chisels only twice a year, the kind of chisel won't make much of a difference, but if you're hammering on them every week, then you begin to notice things about them that you wish were different.
I've been thinking that I'm sort of in between.
I don't ride enough to really justify a custom frame, but I ride enough that I notice some things I wish were different.
To put in another way, I tend to "over buy" tools, cause you just never know and I happen to like nice tools.
Man bling don't you know.
Well after all this thinking, I've decided to sell off the Ciocc.
It's a bit large for me and it's not really floating my boat.
I mean I ride it, and it's not like I dislike it or I have problems or anything, it's just that well, it's just not what I'm looking for in a bicycle.
Not that I know what the hell I'm looking for, all I know is that it ain't it.
Maybe it's those shaped tubes or thick stays that make the ride stiffer, or maybe it's just that it feels like it's carrying a bit more weight.
I really don't know.
All I know is that I keep thinking I need something different.
Sort of like the apprenticeship is over and I need me some journeyman type tools.
If you know what I mean.

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