Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wait! There's More!

So I'm fooling around on that trainer thingy, testing my limits for pain and exhaustion when I decide to take a break and check the mail.
Well the ole mailman, he's on it and he's got this package for me, but I don't know what it is.
I mean I haven't ordered any bicycle stuff in a while so what could it be?
Ah yes!
The old/new novel I've been waiting for:

I think it's some scandalous story about Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello!
You know, from back in their Mousekateer days-
Hey wait just a minute!
What's up with the odd looking fellows on the cover?
This ain't about no Mickey Mouse Club!
Oh right, Dumas!
So if you've been following along at home you, the reader, know that I recently finished The Count of Monte Cristo so I'm sort of on a Dumas kick.
I figured The Three Musketeers would be a nice follow-
Hey wait just a minute!
This thing is like in a different language:

Oh boy.
It's in French.
The bookstore folks must have seen my Flat Tire zip code and figured I wanted it in French.
Seeing as how it's the second language around these parts.
Next to Italian and Campagnolo that is.
Talk about torture!
Reading in French is like well, torture!
I mean it's all different like!
Seriously, whomever invented French didn't have their thinking caps on!
Or maybe they got up on the wrong side of the bed.
Or something.
Well okay, French isn't all bad.
If you stick to simple stuff like "where's the post office" or "how much is the chicken" or "I'll catch you laters."
It's the stuff like "Il est difficile de comprende combien est grande la ressemblance et la difference qu'il y a entre tous les hommes" that makes my brain hurt.
If it wasn't for real I'd figure someone was just making this stuff up!
Why oh why out of all the languages in the world did I choose to tackle French?
Well okay, it's a good book so I guess I'll give it the ole college try, even if it makes my brain explode:

I swear reading French is like watching cactus grow.
Slow, and well, slow.
I mean I might as well read this stuff while I'm on the trainer!
Get a double dose of suffering don't you know.
For now, let me show you my little friend:


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