Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Final

Well I just got back from the show place.
I gotta say, I don't really like this drop off and pick up on the same day thing.
For one, I don't really like to drive over into Honolulu if I don't have to and it's much easier on me to go and pick up my stuff if I'm like already there.
In town I mean.
At least this year, you didn't have to pick up your stuff then drop it back off again, the show is opening up this weekend so everything stays there.
So what came back?

That's right empty box fans!
An empty box!
Okay, not really empty, for I did bring back some of them show announcements:

Feel free to visit me as I'll be sitting the show for the next two Saturdays.
Which means of course, both of the thingys got in.
So what you do is you stand in line with your box and receipt thing and they look at your paper work and tell you if you are good to go, or you gotta go and get your stuff.
Of course you take your box cause you don't want to bachi yourself.
I mean you don't want to be presumptuous or anything so I always take my box assuming I'm going to have pack everything back up.
Everything is in another room where I suppose the juror has separated the accepted from the rejected.
Lemme tell you, it's not a good feeling to have to go and pick your stuff up.
All sorts of crazy things go through your head and walking back to your car carrying your stuff seems like a longer journey than it really is.
Suddenly your stuff seems really heavy.
Then when you come home and unpack, you gotta look at your rejected work again and more stuff starts going through your head.
Not a good feeling at all.
Still I give the folks a lot of credit.
I mean to submit your stuff means to basically wear your heart on your sleeve, you are giving up your work for others to judge, exposing all your strengths next to your weaknesses and faults.
You send in what you think is your best work(in my case my only work) in hopes someone you don't know likes it.
I had a hard time the first couple of shows I entered.
Full on anxiety attacks.
Now it's sort of old hat.
Or old school.
Or something.
So anyways, it's nice to be in the show again, though I don't expect to be winning any awards like last year; I don't think this stuff is strong enough.
I do hope someone buys my stuff since I need some new bicycle blingness and I sort of priced both pieces to sell.
I was going to raise my prices at the last minute to like $400, I sort of felt like I wasn't ready to part with them just yet, but I left it at $300.
Each I mean.
We'll see if I get any takers for I sort of felt like that price was sort of high too.
Okay, enough about that stuff.
We'll get back to your regularly scheduled programming.


RANTWICK said...

Congrats on your lack of stuff! I'm not surprised.

limom said...